Who am I and why are you here?

Well thats quite the loaded question!  Let me shed some light on who I am and why I want you to join the adventure.

– Who is Adam Venture?

I am Adam Haggerty, I was born in the rain forest of Gabon Africa and from the moment I was born I have been a foreigner to the term “home.”  I have moved more times then some people have teeth.  I suppose this is part of the reason that exploring the worlds every possible adventure calls to me in my sleep and invades my daydreams at work.


I pursued what the world would call a normal career, put my time in going to college, and have even tried to “settle down” a few time.  For some reason that life doesn’t stick and I haven’t found a way to fit into that mold.  So this leads us to part two of your question.



– Why are you here?

At age 26 I chose a new path, a little unconventional and by no means easy.  You are here to join me and take part in my ventures, I will travel the world, use my skills as a photographer and bring you into this world of living on the road.

– My Mission
I will not try to sugar coat my travels, there will be ups and there will be downs.  I have sustained injuries and gone

Adam Venture


against doctors orders in the pursuit of adventure. During my journeys I will leave nothing out, the food that I eat, the places I sleep, weather its on the side of the road or on top of a mountain, and most importantly the people that I meet.

I will learn the hard way so you don’t have to!


I am counting on you for feedback and new ideas, my subscribers are my life line!

So what do you say are you in?

You can simply subscribe with the link on the Right.


Here is a quick intro to “Adam Haggerty”

-A casting call video I made a few years ago, at that time I had no idea where it would take me.

My favorite quote from Braveheart:  “All men die; few men ever truly live.”

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  • big-little sister on September 24, 2012 at 4:25 pm said:

    love it! It’s very engaging and draws the reader in with a desire to see what you will do next! The pics with your bio story perfectly highlight what you are saying.

    LOVE your compass!

  • Uncle Dave on February 28, 2013 at 2:43 pm said:


    I like your style. I’d love to go with you on some of your ventures. Maybe some day! Let’s take a fishing trip to Ireland some day or I have lots of friends in Montana and Wyoming for hunting, fishing and horseback riding.
    God bless you on your next venture.

    Uncle Dave BILL (Wild BILL)

    • Adam on March 7, 2013 at 4:10 am said:

      Uncle Dave! Great to hear from you! Thank you for the comment, I would love to plan an adventure in the near future! E-mail me sometime!

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