Top 10 Photos of 2014

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Top photos of 2014 Adam Haggerty Photography These are 10 of my favorite photos from my expeditions in 2014. A truly memorable year! Tell me if you agree with my order.    Number 10:  Bali Statue While visiting the

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Davids Great Wall Adventure

adams ventrue

My good friend David, AKA Replicant savior from ThatMomentIn is here to share his story about experiencing the Great Wall of China! A big Thank you to David for sharing your adventure! The Journey Begins “I wanted she call” The

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Small Korea: Seon Am Village

guest blogger

  Guest Blogger is a section of my website where I want to open up to anyone who has gone on an adventure, big or small.  If it’s something out of the ordinary for you and you want to write

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Halloween in Korea


Halloween in Korea My Birthday Halloween is a special time of year for me, in part because who doesn’t love candy, but it is also my birthday.  So for my birthday I get candy and presents!  Truly spoiled!  Not to

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Fall in Korea

AH images, adam haggerty

Fall in Korea: Falling Leaves and Shooting Stars The setting Quickly becoming one of my favorite shots of 2014 is this late night shot of the starry night sky in south western Korea.  A clear nights sky is a challenging

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Surfing South Korea

adam haggerty

Surfing in South Korea Is there Surfing in Korea? Let’s be honest, when you talk about heading out for an adventure surfing vacation, South Korea isn’t the first place that comes to your mind.  I’ve lived here for nearly 2

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Chinese Ferry: China Photography

Adam Haggerty in China

Chinese Ferry: Fun with light Long Exposure: China Photography Introduction: On my one week trip to Beijing China I traveled light, relatively speaking.  To make room for my paraglider I cut back on some of my usual photographer essentials, mainly

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Where in the World is AdamVenture?

adam venture

Where in the World is AdamVenture Game of CLUE?! Hey everyone! Its that time of year when we get to play a game of CLUE. On July 26, 2014 I will begin my trip and will begin posting 1-2 photo

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Utopia Update

Adam Haggerty Utopia

Utopia About one month ago I was asked by a recruiter for FOX TV to apply for a new reality TV show they will be launching in September.  Without hesitation I jumped on the opportunity and sent in my application

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Utopia Utopia is a new FOX TV show series coming in 2014 featuring 15 everyday Americans trying to build their own paradise. I was contacted by a casting recruiter who saw my youtube channel and asked that I apply for

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