Desert Flow

Photo Spotlight

Desert Flow

Hiking through Coyote Gulch in Utah’s Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

The Desert Flow

I stop to capture the simple beauty of a waterfall.  Standing only 2 feet tall but with an enchantment all its own.  Water cascading over the wet sand stone gently carves its unique movements into a timeless art form.  It slaloms its way through the canyon floor searching out the path of least resistance.  The stone ushering the water along its path with promise of roaring streams and great oceans as the prize.

The Beauty

I never would have expected to see the stunning assortment of colors vividly displayed throughout the seemingly barren land of the Utah desert.  At every turn I was caught off guard by the simple beauty of life springing up to challenge the dry oppressor.  The desert withholds its charms and only grants those who seek out remote destinations the full pleasure and wealth which her beauty contains.

How to Get There

This display of cascading water is a two hour drive off the main road.  Following a dirt road, impassible when wet, to the trail head of Hurricane Wash.  Here you hike 5.5 miles to where you will see Jacob Hamblin Arch and about a mile further you will have arrived here.  Hidden miles and miles from nowhere, where the food in your pack is all you’ll find to eat, the nights sky is your television, and your long distance calls are the hoops and hollers echoing off the giant concave cliff walls.  Your alone, and it is magnificent.

Click here for the trail info Grand Staricase Escalante

Shot with a Canon 30D, f/32, exposure 0.3 sec on a Rocketfish tripod.

The Desert Flow







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