Fall in Korea

Fall in Korea:

Falling Leaves and Shooting Stars

AH images, adam haggertyThe setting

Quickly becoming one of my favorite shots of 2014 is this late night shot of the starry night sky in south western Korea.  A clear nights sky is a challenging thing to see here in Korea and being able to see starts is even more rare because of the massive amount of city growth in this over populated peninsula.

My girlfriend and I managed to escaped the city life for a weekend and snuck away to Jirisan (Jiri mountain).  We started off on our mountain hike very early in the morning, long before the sun rose and the stars were still at their brightest.

Getting the shot

As we set off on our weekend adventure I questions, as I often do, if I wanted to lug around my tripod.  I decided, like an amateur photographer, that I would leave it at home to collect a little more dust.

So when the time came that I realized that I could really use a tripod to capture the stunning night sky I had to kick myself for leaving it behind.  With no tripod in hand and no nearby post or pole to prop my camera against, I decided to us the most stable thing around, the ground.  I placed my camera on the ground and pulled my cell phone out to use as a prop for the lens.  I wedged the camera and cell phone in between a couple rocks in the trail and set up my composition.

The tree featured in the photo was brilliant.  I couldn’t believe how lucky we got to catch a tree in the absolute perfect stage of changing color.  If you look closely you can see the wide spectrum of colors starting at the base in a fall green, moving up through the middle into a yellow and reaching the tips in a glorious orange.

The lighting comes from a yellow street lamp at the edge of a camp ground that provided a perfectly warm ambient light to expose the tree while still allowing the night stars to show brilliantly.


Camera:  Canon 6D

Lens:  Canon 24-105

Shutter speed:  10 seconds

Aperature:  f/4.0

ISO:  10,000


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