Small Korea: Seon Am Village

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Guest Blogger is a section of my website where I want to open up to anyone who has gone on an adventure, big or small.  If it’s something out of the ordinary for you and you want to write about it and share it with the world then here is your chance!

What better way to learn about Korea then from Koreans.  Some of my girlfriends students will write stories about their adventures in and out of Korea and I’ll share them here for everyone to enjoy.

Small Korea: ‘Seon Am Village’

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When I traveled around Korea about 2 years ago, I found a small Korea, called ‘Seon Am village in ‘Young Wol’ province. The first picture looks like a map of Korea and was introduced to many national programs. What do you think of above two pictures compared to each other?

To get the first picture, I climbed a small mountain. While climbing, you can see lots of beautiful flowers and trees along with a path. And I looked at a squirrel eating some feed. Finally, I got to the top of the mountain. There was a long line. Many people who are tourists wanted to take a picture at the position where I stood up. I waited for 30 minuets for a nice picture and asked a woman to take a picture of me and Seon Am village. Then I climbed down the mountain. I saw some stores, which sold fried dishes and raw rice wines. I was interested in eating them, but I felt like that I was too tired. Instead, I went to the village where I could ride a Korea traditional raft.

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– Price of Korea traditional raft –

You can experience the raft not only in summer season, but also in fall and spring season. Unfortunately, it is not opened in winter season because Dong River gets frozen. If you would like to reserve the raft, feel free to contact the office.

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He is a raftsman

As you can see in the fourth picture, there is a river called ‘Dong River’. The raftsman has been working there for over twenty years. And he said Dong River is a beautiful river. This place is the famous spot to foreigners and Koreans. After experiencing many things, I left here because I had a plan to go to another place. Next place is Busan. I’m going to tell you about Busan next time.


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