Top 10 Photos of 2014

Top photos of 2014

Adam Haggerty Photography

These are 10 of my favorite photos from my expeditions in 2014.

A truly memorable year!

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   Number 10:  Bali Statue

While visiting the sacred monkey forest in Ubud Bali, Indonesia I fell in love with the rich natural colors.  Life seemed to be springing out of every crevice in this tropical forest. Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 9:  Fire Dance

On the small island of Gili Trawangan we enjoyed a relaxing night in paradise, taking in the local attractions.  I got the opportunity to play with my long exposure settings on my new Canon 6D and love the way the flames lick the sky around the edges of the cirle.

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 8:  South Mountains

While on a Fall hike on the well know Jiri Mountian (지리산) we got the, sometimes rare, view of the mountains stretching off as far as the eye could see.  It’s hard to believe that Korea is 70% mountain!

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 7: Bali Monkey

There is just something about being up close and personal with the local monkeys.  They climb on you, eat out of your hand and pose for photos (intentionally).  Bali Monkey Forest

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 6:  Busan Bridge

Busan Gwangandaegyo Bridge (부산 광안대교) is a must see when you travel to South Korea.  At night the bridge is lit up, casting an amazing reflection of the calm ocean waters.  If you time it right you can see the beautiful bridge and the worlds largest fireworks display, but that’s another story.

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 5:  Fall Colors in Korea

Up at 4:30am for an early start up Jiri Mountain.  We timed the hike for Fall, of course aiming for peak season.  We didn’t manage to catch the mountain in season but in the valley the leaves were perfect!  I absolutely love this tree, it shows off every color of the season in one exploding array.

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 4:  The Forbidden City

My last night in Beijing China, I decided to take a walk down to the Forbidden City to see what it looked like in the city night light.  I was more than surprised and quickly fell in love with this long exposure of the massive city walls. Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 3:  China Ferry Boat

Hidden in the heart of the city is this beautiful lake that is full of night life.  While taking a long night walk around the city I found these traditional style boats and couldn’t help but sneak past the “do not enter sign” to capture a few long exposure shots.

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 2:  Indonesia Paradise

My favorite stop while on my trip to Indonesia was Gili T.  This beautiful island, well known as a party island in peak season, offers an amazing escape from the “real world.”  Everywhere you look is perfect; mountains, electric blue water, schools of exotic fish and turtles swimming at the local beach.  I could get lost here and never leave.

Adams Venture, Adam Haggerty

Number 1:  Nepal Star Trail

A one day hike brought us up to Dhampus where we stayed the night.  I would say slept, or even camped except I didn’t sleep.  After a half day of hiking up to 1650M I couldn’t sleep knowing the stars were perfectly streaming across the sky above me.  I pulled up a sleeping bag on a comfortable frost covered knoll and set up my tripod for a night of photography, equipped with a full thermos of Nepali tea and donned in all of my winter gear.

Adams Venture, Adam HaggertyIt was an amazing year, filled with unforgettable moments and memories with some of the best people I have ever met.  I have been blessed beyond belief with my adventures and the lifestyle I get to live.

Here is looking forward to another great year in 2015!

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  • Michelle Knieriem on January 10, 2015 at 9:46 am said:

    Of these, #10 is my favorite!; soft moist moss with hard cold stone, creations of man and nature reflected in the one image. All are worthy of your name insignia of course. Glad to see long exposures and reflections are still part of your creative eye! Enjoyed!

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